0.5g Metering Sugar Bottle Seasoning Jars


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100% brand new and high quality
Finger press: easy press according to ergonomics
Raise the bottom: prevent water stains on the table from entering and breeding bacteria
Sealing and moisture-proof: one can of one flavor can prevent cross flavor, and the integrated screw cap is firmly sealed to prevent seasoning from being affected by moisture
Enlarge the caliber; Easily add seasoning, large caliber bottle mouth, can easily pour seasoning to meet family needs
Gently press: scientifically quantify salt, press out salt, easy to use, and scientifically quantify not to live with high salt
The stain can be cleaned immediately after washing. The bottle body is smooth and easy to clean. The bottle body has no dead corner and no dirt. It is time and labor saving to clean

Material: glass
Size: 6.5*11cm
Color: as shown
Product capacity: 100ml (salt can hold 200g)
One-time dosage: 5g
Quantity: set of 3

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